This page is dedicated to some curiuos stuff I have found,
relevant, of course,to the magic world of the whisky-jugs
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A nice puzzle of 384 pieces...

Puzzle Puzzle

Another one of 500 pieces



...and a cute Rubik's cube

Rubik's cube Rubik's cube Rubik's cube  

A jug of the famous Harry's Bar of Venice

Jug of Harry's Bar Jug of Harry's Bar: particular  

On this jug, instead of a whisky brand, appears the brand of a famous German mineral water

Apollinaris mineral water (Germany

A real rarity. This jug plays a little music when is tilted

Musical jug  

A Sicilian orange brand which adopted the Johnny Walker's logo


The iPhone cover of

Cover iPhone

A whisky set also including a jug

Whisky set

A jug customized for the famous Whiskyteca of Edoardo Giaccone at Salò

Whiskyteca Jug

Another whisky set including two jugs

Whisky set

You can easily guess what is this thing recalling some famous brands of whisky...


An old Chivas Regal brochure offering a mini jug as a gift for every consumption
of its whisky in some selected italian restaurants.

Gift Chivas Gift Chivas

A rare American description of the use of the whisky jugs

Use of whisky jugs Use of whisky jugs

Another beautiful set of whisky including a jug

Bottles and jug

A few miniature bottles Macallan, whose labels show some whisky jugs
"Just a splash" is clearly referred to the maximum quantity of fresh spring water
to be mixed with the liquor.

Mignon with jugs

Some nice gift packages

Gift package Gift package Gift package Gift package

Gift package Gift package Gift package

The jug of a whisky seller

Jug of a whisky seller Seller

Jug of mineral water for whisky

Jug of mineral water for whisky

Set of mini-jugs made in Japon

Set of minijugs made in Japon

A jug J&B in the movie “La femme d'à côté” (1981)
directed by François Truffaut

La caraffa del film di TruffautJ&B

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Updated: 11.4.2021