Hi! After connecting to my home-page you are probably wondering who I am.
Well, I will satisfy you.
My name is Alessandro Orzes, born in Padova
but moved to Romagna (a northern Italian region on the Adriatic seaside)
more than 54 years ago. I am married to Rita, who has tolerated me these 34 years.
Of course there is also Matteo, our 26-year-old son.
I'm a hotel manager, but previously I covered many jobs in the hotellery,
where firstly I was a barman - that is when I developed my
huge passion for the advertising whiskey jugs.

My "insanity" started more than 39 years ago, when on the bench of my bar,
I saw two advertising whisky jugs, both very beautiful and unique.
They attracted me, so I made a little investigation to understand why the liquor houses
imprinted their own image on such strange objects.
Since that moment I started in collecting everywhere all jugs I was able to find,
and the more I gathered them, the more I looked for them; and now I have quite a good collection,
of which I am very proud, that at present counts more than 3440 pieces.

Of course the jug collection is my main hobby, but due to the fact
that a real collector is a collector from birth,
in my free time I also take care of a collection of tops (capsules)
of champagne, spumanti and other sparkling wines
Unfortunately there is never enough free time!
I also spend a little time with the computer; and I really love visiting the little
antique markets and travelling - without ever forgetting the two most important people in my life:
Rita and Matteo.

I would appreciate to be contacted by other collectors that are fond of whisky jugs.
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Updated: 19.12.2020