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My family

Matteo's 9th birthday Matteo's First Holy Communion My son Matteo Matteo's 10th birthday

Matteo's 10th birthday Matteo e Alessandro Alessandro, Matteo & Rita Matteo Rita and Alessandro

Alessandro, Matteo & Rita

My parents Pearents in law My brothers

Exibitor at Gonzaga market

My most recent passion

My friends

Mr. & Mrs. Miller Stanley Miller The dangerous work of my webmaster

Chris & Rita's wedding Chris, Rita and Vladimir Chris, Rita and Vladimir Vladimir Dunn

Freccia, il mito Enzo Berardi Sacha, the champion My buddy Spiri Sergio & Bruna Lynn & Bob

Alex Nadi Fiori

Giuseppe Bucci

Curious stuff

A picture of mine, some years ago, with the sign of a little country which has my name


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Updated: 4.12.2013