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Hi! This site is fully dedicated to my greatest passion, the collection of whisky water jugs from many distillers. It is not my unique collection, but surely it is the one I particularly love and that engages me for the most part of my little free time; it also requires a lot of space. I have been collecting these jugs for many years and now, thanks to many exchanges and purchases, I have a lot more pieces in my collection.

Of course, since I put this site on-line, the contacts by worldwide collectors have improved dramatically and now the relations with them have been simplified.
Anyone who is interested in my duplicates for trade or sale, can send me an email to reserve the pieces. I am engaged in keeping the list up to date, in order not to delude anyone, but unfortunately it could occasionally occur not to fulfil all the requests I receive so please be understanding.

Moreover I have tried to insert in this site some contents that can be of interest to all jug collectors, starting with the list of my jugs, and their pictures, and there is a page with links to some very interesting sites and one in which, in form of FAQ, I deal with some matters relevant to this kind of collection.

Other pages are relevant to my favourite jugs, to my rare jugs, to my collection of figures, cars, dice sets, domino sets, ash trays and other stuff also connected to the whisky distillers, and to the marks of the ceramic jug producers.

There is also a page concerning the communication media which have dedicated a corner to my collection. Another one, titled Miscellany, contains the links to various matters: the restoration of the jugs, the similar jugs, their shared shapes, the jug sizes, their paintings , an old and rare catalogue, my 5 years jug and some curiosities.

Finally I have reserved some pages in which you can have a look of my collector friends , of my family , of my best friends and others in which I am photographed together with some famous persons that I meet due to my job. More detailed personal information can be found here.

I will be very pleased if the visitors of this site will sign my Guestbook. We jug collectors enjoy a unique and very special relationship, which extends too more than collecting jugs, we share a common friendship which has no boundaries. Thank you for viewing my site.

Updated: 14.12.2014