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My collection on the communication media

On 17 April 2004 I had the huge satisfaction to be interviewed as an expert of whisky-jugs, by My interview on the radio site, broadcasting of the Italian financial newspaper "Il Sole 24 ORE", which was dedicating a weekly program to the world of collections. If you like listening to my voice click on the above icon or this The record of my interview one.

Moreover the magazine My article published on March 2005 an article of mine about the collection of whisky-jugs.


In the interesting web-site Etichettando there is a page that provides a few information on the pub-jugs drawn from my site e mention WHISKYJUG.IT as a reference site for this kind of collection.

In Italy there is the magazine Il Curioso dealing with the world of collections. In the number 34 October-November 2005, they published a very good article of 6 pages dedicated to my collection, with several beautiful pictures of my jugs.

Cover Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6

and in the issue 47 December 2007 another very good article concerning my collection of whisky calendars:


Another magazine that published a service concerning my collection is Rimini In Magazine (RIMINI IN MAGAZINE). The article appeared on the issue December 2006.

Pag.1 e 2 Pag.3

One article drags another article. Also the daily regional journal Corriere Romagna (CorriereRomagna), in the page of Riccione, my town, published on 5/2/2006 a short but very welcome service concerning my jugs.

The article of CorriereRomagna

The 1st issue 2006 of the magazine of the mignon collectors Il Collezionista di Mignon published a contribute of mine concerning the whisky-jugs collection...

The article on Il Collezionista di Mignon

...and in the 3rd issue 2007 an article about perpetual whisky calendars.

The article on calendars

Also the magazine Ristorazione & OspitalitÓ in april 2006 took an interest in my jugs, to my great satisfaction!

Page 1 Page 2 Page 3

Now also the web-site of RISTORAZIONE & OSPITALITA' has a page dedicated to my collection.

Another article, to my signature, concerning my collection was published on the prestigious montly magazine Collezionare on number 7 of July 2006. It's a pity that the pictures are in B&W!


But my article was also put on-line, in the journal website, so I have downloaded it.

Collezionare On-line

Fuoricasa, magazine dealing with the world of bars, spoke of my collection in the issue January-February 2007.

The page of FUORICASA

Among many specialized magazines, also one dedicated to the town in which I live. FamijArciunesa is a local magazine distributed to the families of Riccione and in the issue May-June 2007, with my pleasure, pubblished an article on my jug collection.


Also the most famous italian magazine for families Famiglia Cristiana has written of my collection on the number 38/2008.

The article of Famiglia Cristiana

At a later date, the author of the article also published it in his space on Facebook.


La Repubblica, very important italian newspaper, dedicated a page to the world of the collectors, and for my surprise and sactisfation also mentioned my collection.

The article of Repubblica

A short description of my collection was also on the little journal of Università della terza Età of Sesto San Giovanni UTE Journal

The article UTE

In 2012 was MINIBOTTLES MAGAZINE to write about my jug collection


In 2013 the book "Per hobby e per passione", written by Giulietta Rovera, speaks on page 71 of my jug collection and of my website.

Book Per hobby e per passione Book Per hobby e per passione

The magazine "Il Collezionista di Liquori" IL Collezionista di liquori on april 2015 published an article on my collection.

Article of Il collezionista di liquori

Onother article of mine was published in springtime 2016 on the travel magazine "Gusto in viaggio" Gusto in viaggio

L'articolo su Gusto in viaggio L'articolo su Gusto in viaggio

This is a very beautiful article, concerning me and my collection, published by the magazine "La Gazzetta dell'Antiquariato" La Gazzetta dell'Antiquariato in february 2017.

L'articolo su La Gazzetta dell'Antiquariato

On the site Etichettando Etichettando they talk about whisky-jugs, quoting my description in this site.


Another article, in which I describe the Whisky Jugs, was published in 2019 by the magazine La Madia

The article on La Madia

The article was published, at the same time, by the magazine Zafferano.

The article on Zafferano

In march 2019, my collection of jugs and other material relevant to the whisky was presented also by the magazine Italia Più, supplement of the newspaper Il Sole 24 ore.

The article on Italia Più

The article of the magazine Avvenimenti of June 2019

The article of La Piazza

An interview of mine on the site , november 2020.

Intervista on line


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