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Here are some friends who share my "fatal attraction" for the pub-jugs

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Claudio Silvestrini Stephen Sublett Torsten Bellaire Paolo Cortesi

Ate Gjaltema Jesus Crespo Harry Krueger Angelo Babini

Luisa Lombardi Chris Dunn David Bond Richard Dietrich

Bruno Ferraguzzi Views of Bruno Ferraguzzi's collection Views of Bruno Ferraguzzi's collection Views of Bruno Ferraguzzi's collection

Theo Van Der Velder Jole Lenzi Valentino Zagatti Bruno Benassi Emilio del Alamo Lopez: banned

Patrick Cruvellie  A view of Patrick Cruvellie's collection      Heinz Gschnitzer Views of Heinz Gschnitzer's collection      Andrea Esposito Views of Andrea Esposito's collection

Paride Bruschi View of Paride Bruschi's collection

Giorgio Gallarani Giovanni Giuliani Jim Crowe

Harold Keller Enzo Berardi Pedro de la Escaleral Miguel H. M de Leyva

Nadi Fiori NarcJ Salvi Otto Peters Marisa & Christian Andrea Gambi

Lawrence Graham Josè Antonio Jultom Giuseppe Gambi Jose' Manuel Otero Arean Gioacchino Aiello Stefano Muratori

Enzo, a big collector Alein Koller Danilo Marinoni Views of Danilo Marinoni's collection

Antonio Butironi Views of Antonio Butironi's collection Views of Antonio Butironi's collection Rino Mainardi Maddalena Cappelletti Shamus Kelly Views of Antonio Shamus Kelly's collection

Mario Fiorini Views of Mario Fiorini's collection Mirco Casari Views of Mirco Casari's collection Luca Mercurio Jens Kristoffersen

James Muscat Views of James Muscat' collection

And now let me add also a picture of mine in this collector gallery...

...and one (of some years ago) of my son Matteo. I hope he will inherit my passion for this kind of collection

In this image of 1981, you can see my legendary jug N.1, the Legacy with which my collection began.
Number 1  
Updated: 5.5.2021