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VIP Parade [1/5]

Corrado Tedeschi, actor Romeo Benetti, soccer player Piero Gross, skier Franco Causio, soccer player

Francesco Salvi, showman Fiorello, showman Italo Cucci, sport journalist Giampiero Galeazzi, TV commentator

Tonino Guerra, poet and artist
Tonino Guerra, a man of culture and a versatil artist, honours me with his frienship,
and has also dedicated to me a nice drawing representing a jug.

TV program with Pippo Baudo, anchorman

Alessia Merz, showgirl Davide De Zan, sport journalist Paolo Rossi, soccer player Stefano Tacconi, soccer player Beppe Signori, soccer player

Pier Ferdinando Casini, politician Simone e Filippo Inzaghi, soccer players Lory Del Santo, showgirl Yury Chechi, gymnast

Cristian Panucci, soccer player Valeria Marini, showgirl Filippo Inzaghi, soccer player Massimo Giletti, TV commentator

Pierpaolo Catozzi, sport journalist Oliviero Bea, journalist Paolo Brosio, showman Bruno Longhi, sport journalist

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Updated 20.11.2009