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VIP Parade [5/5]

Pierluigi Pardo, journalist Andrea Pucci, show-man Natasha Stefanenko, show-girl Michelle Unziker and husband, show-girl Laura Pausini, singer

Francesco Giorgino, journalist Radja Nainggolan, soccer player Gianluca Vacchi

Igles Corelli, chef Franco Gabrielli, prefect Alessandro Borghese, chef Aida Yespica, show-girl Lorenzo Flaherty, actor Cristiano Malgioglio, show-man

Veronica Angeloni e Ivana Mrazova Daniele Bossari, show-man Gianluca Impastato, comedian Cecilia Rodriguez, show-girl Marco Predolin, show-man Ernst Knam, pastry-chef Emanuele Di Biase, vegan-chef

Alessia Ventura, show girl Fabrizio Corona, show man Fabrizio Corona, TV presenter

Enrico Brignano, actor Andrea Berton, chef Enrico Lucci, journalist David Magnus, photographer Rocco Forte, hotel operator

Stefano Domenicali, CEO Lamborghini Alessandro Sallusti, journalist Bianca Berlinguer, journalist Anna Falchi, showgirl Joe Bastianich, chef

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Updated 19.5.2019