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VIP Parade [5/5]

Pierluigi Pardo, journalist Andrea Pucci, show-man Natasha Stefanenko, show-girl Michelle Unziker and husband, show-girl Laura Pausini, singer

Francesco Giorgino, journalist Radja Nainggolan, soccer player Gianluca Vacchi

Igles Corelli, chef Franco Gabrielli, prefect Alessandro Borghese, chef Aida Yespica, show-girl Lorenzo Flaherty, actor Cristiano Malgioglio, show-man

Veronica Angeloni e Ivana Mrazova Daniele Bossari, show-man Gianluca Impastato, comedian Cecilia Rodriguez, show-girl Marco Predolin, show-man Ernst Knam, pastry-chef Emanuele Di Biase, vegan-chef

Alessia Ventura, show girl Fabrizio Corona, show man Fabrizio Corona, TV presenter

Enrico Brignano, actor Andrea Berton, chef Enrico Lucci, journalist David Magnus, photographer Rocco Forte, hotel operator

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Updated 15.11.2018